Progressive tools for processing sheet metal appliances

Stampi progressivi lavorazione lamiera elettrodomestici

Sheet metal molds represent the main production of Junior, which has been working in the field of sheet metal molds for decades. This company is considered domestically and globally as an example of professionalism with great entrepreneurial ability and spirit of evolution.

The 3D models of the designs made ensure precise execution during the creation process being a faithful reproduction of what the finished product will be. This also makes it possible to make any planned and/or required spare parts later without any problems, easily and quickly.

The quality of the product is guaranteed by Junior’s highly qualified staff, specialized in the design and creation of progressive dies for sheet metal working for household appliances, by the controls performed during and upon completion of the machining process, and thanks to the state-of-the-art machine park equipped with technologically innovative and latest generation machinery.

Junior’s progressive sheet metal molds for household appliances

At Junior, we want to guarantee a high standard of production, ensuring attention to every detail in the design and construction of progressive dies capable of producing highly complex parts, which are indispensable for the household appliance industry. Progressive dies for sheet metal working for household appliances, designed and manufactured by our team, aim not only to give our customers the opportunity to “print parts” but are designed to enable their companies to optimize resources and obtain a better product, consequently reducing costs and material waste.

Our progressive dies are made in different sizes and of different types depending on the requirements and uses, for example we make some with integrated tapping machines or with automatic insertion of nuts or tox points and can work with different materials such as sheet metal, pre-painted sheet metal, stainless steel, aluminum, high-strength steel with thicknesses from 0.3 up to 5 mm.

One of the many advantages of our molds is that they are both designed and manufactured by us in one company, so the designer and the mold maker can work in synergy ensuring the creation of a product that is 100% faithful to the original design.

Cutting-edge technology thanks to industry 4.0 project

Our company has always focused on innovation and technological advancement, facilitating the integration of the Industry 4.0 project to interconnect our 1,530-cell robotic warehouse with ERP management systems and machinery so as to improve the quality of creative processes and the finished product. This allows us to build sheet metal molds for household appliances that are accurate to detail and customized based on the needs of those who choose to use our service, and it is because of this and the passion we put into everything we make that we have been able to become trusted partners and suppliers to so many companies in Italy and beyond.

Stampo progressivo per il settore elettrodomestico - Junior

Progressive Mold Dim mm 3600 x 1450 x 800H

Produces a part for the home appliance industry

Stampo progressivo per il settore elettrodomestico - Junior

Progressive Mold Dim mm 3600 x 1600 x 800H

Produces a part for the home appliance industry

Stampo progressivo per il settore elettrodomestico - Junior

Progressive Mold Dim mm 2200 x 1100 x 650H

Produces a part for the home appliance industry


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