Technical office

The starting point for a perfectly manufactured die is definitely a perfect tool design.
As soon as we receive the final 2D and 3D model from the customer, we develop a tool layout and we send it to the customer for the approval. If necessary we verify the feasibility of the part with forming/deep-drawing simulations. Once the layout has been approved we proceed with the tool design, that is elaborated constantly cooperating with the client and is based on the technical specification of the tool and of the project involved.

The technical office is completely automated and it is equipped with computer using CAD-2D and CAD-3D software (VISI, CatiĆ  and Unigraphics) . The data transfer can be done with Odette, FTP, E-mail.
The technical office and the CAD-CAM office are directly connected by cable to our machinery park, so the CNC programs are sent directly to the machines.

CAD Systems: 2D/3D – Visi, Unigraphics, CatiĆ 
Data transfer: E-mail, FTP, Odette