Since 1981 Junior has designed, manufactured and tested progressive dies, transfer dies and block dies for cold forming of sheet metal.
The company is well introduced in different sectors, such as the automotive and household appliances fields.

Junior is a lean and dynamic reality that operates on an area of 3.000 sqm. It relies on a cohesive group of 30 people whose experience, competence and passion allow the accomplishment of targets that seem to be at limit of feasibility and to achieve extremely high quality standards that are visible in the complexity of the parts produced.

These achievements are possible thanks to constant and targeted technological investments like the innovative 2D and 3D software for the technical office, that is directly connected by cable to our constantly evolving machinery park, where all latest generation machines are installed.

The mission of Junior is to constantly improve quality standards and customer satisfaction and this is something that can be easily recognized in the technical innovation of the tools produced.
Junior is considered a partner you can always rely on.

The combination of qualified personnel, technical innovation and a perfect organization of the work have soon allowed Junior to expand the borders of its clients from Italy to Europe, North and South America and recently also in the Middle East and Asia.